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lenticular pictures, stereograms, photo, green backdrop, photo on banner fabric, illuminating devices.
Festival of Ukranian Young Artists, Mystetskiy Arsenal, Kyiv (Ukraine)
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The work explores the nature of the phenomenon of change, the nature of the assignment of a subject of positive or negative meaning, confidence in the unambiguous definition of the process of motion or its results, in other words it poses a question whether it is possible to state that the change has definitely occurred?

Installation consists of two parts: the first part is presented on the background of the chromakey, and the second on the background of the image printed on the banner fabric. The photos (lenticular pictures and stereograms) are displayed in the space on wire ropes at different distances from the background. 

The technique of creating the lenticular pictures assumes that two different images can be seen on the picture from different angles. This feature is the cornerstone of the work`s concept. All images were selected according to the principle of the change, the "flow" between situations or very similar situations within a single plane, when the form is actually changed, but the content remains unchanged. The same thing is proposed by chromakey — the green background, which is usually used in post-production of filming process in order to create special effects, which hints at the possibility of any environment.

The two parts of the installation are located back to back, hiding their own content from each other. The images in the first and second parts are similar in structure, but not visually.

The work uses photos from personal archive.

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